How to wear: Metallics

The metallic trend isn’t going away so we’ve pulled together some looks you can wear this fall/winter.

Metallics: The boots

I have no doubt that I need these boots in my life. That fierce silvery point was made for those leather pants.

Metallics: The skirt

We’ve shown you an edgy metallic look but how about something a bit more girlie? This skirt could be worn so many ways but I love the idea of pairing these pink boots with a top in a similar colour then layering on top a statement necklace.

Metallics: The Bag

Work or a night out? It’s your choice. If you don’t want to go all out with metallic clothes then opt for a shiny accessory like this bag.

shoplinkz hk

The beauty of a modern city

Having grown up somewhere full of old buildings (Norfolk, UK), I’m often blown away by towering modern skyscrapers and city skylines that are nothing but glass and chrome. I recently went to Frankfurt in Germany and because it was so heavily bombed during WWII, there are very few older buildings still standing – in fact, the train station might be the only one. Everything else is glass, marble and metal with a few older-looking buildings thrown in for good measure.

Here are some photos of beautiful modern cities from around the world.

IMG_2936Frankfurt, Germany

New York City Skyline

New York City, USA

Reflecting on Bluelit Tokyo BayTokyo, Japan

DubaiDubai, United Arab Emirates

Victoria Harbour & Melbourne DocklandsMelbourne, Australia


Hong Kong sunset color 香港日落Hong Kong


iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

With the announcement of these two new phones from Apple, everyone got excited as both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been eagerly awaited. We covered the launch here but we’ve now played around with these two phones and have the comparison for you.

Co-founder of Shoplinkz Jonathan Stephens has been playing around with both of these new phones to try and work out which is best and, importantly, which is more practical. Jonathan said: “I preordered the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB, received it on Friday, and activated it. They weren’t lying, this thing is BIG! After playing around with it for 24 hours, here’s what I discovered. Unless you are 6’4″ or taller, you aren’t going to be able to operate the 6 Plus with one hand easily. 

This is clearly a two-handed mobile device. Good luck hitting the back button in Safari landscape mode. I tried using it in several different environments: home office, car, doing my daily work & activities. It’s just not practical for me personally to have a device that big for a phone, it’s not mobile enough for me.

After spending a day with it, I decided to go to the Apple Store and exchange the 6 Plus for the iPhone 6 128GB Space Gray. I’m really happy that I made the exchange. The 6 is the perfect size for me and how I use it every day. If I want a bigger screen, I can go to my 2 iPads or other devices. And believe me, 4.7″ for the 6 has an impressive screen size that’s big enough.”

Jonathan wanted to share this with you all to help you make a decision if you’re struggling to choose between these two new devices.

I now have no regrets. Glad I got to play with the 6 Plus for a day to make the right choice. Good luck with choosing!”

Want more information? Take a look at the comparison video above.

Which would you choose, the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?


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Top Picks: PinPinFinds

I spend a lot of time online looking at beautiful independent sellers and one that’s blown me away recently is PinPinFinds. The jewelry boutique features some amazing handmade necklaces and brooches that are unlike anything you will see. Here are some of my favourites. 1 This emperor butterfly necklace is laser cut from wood in this stunning design. The regular size is just $23 but there are giant versions of the moth and butterfly necklaces too.  These are great if you really want to make a statement.2 Who doesn’t love pugs? This porcelain pug necklace ($29) is super cute and it’s perfect to wear with all kinds of outfits. Keep it casual with jeans and a simple t-shirt or wear this little pug with a floral dress and some flat knee high boots.3 Brooches are coming back into fashion with so many people now wearing beautiful blazers. This laser cut swift is just $13 and is bound to make a statement when pinned to the lapel of a light-colored jacket. 4 Another huge, beautiful necklace, this time in the shape of the elegant leopard moth. Just $19.50.5Finally we have this gorgeous porcelain red cardinal necklace. This little birdy is a great way to bring a bit of color to an outfit in the quirkiest way possible. Find out more about this beautiful brand over at Or, if you’re in the UK, Lead image by Alexandra Bone Photography.


How to plan a garden redesign

I’m in the process of redesigning my garden and a lot of planning has meant that it’s all going very smoothly. I wanted to share some garden planning tips for those of you who are considering a redesign in the future.

Take your time

Don’t just jump into digging up your backyard. Spend some time planning the layout and how you’re going to go about executing your ideas.

Draw a plan of your garden and take some measurements. From there you can start drawing out new landscape features and ideas for flower beds. Go into your garden and imagine how it’ll all look.

You should then get some garden spray paint and mark out your ideas. This will help you to visualise your new garden. Mark out the curves of patios, the placement for a new bird bath and those nice wide flower beds that will add so much color to your outdoor space.

Look for inspiration


While you’re planning your garden, look for inspiration wherever you go. This might be on Pinterest, in magazines or just by leering into the front gardens of the places you walk by on a day to day basis.

Ask for help

Re doing an entire garden can be a lot of work and a lot of stress. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help. If you really do have a lot of hard landscaping work to do like building walls or laying a new patio then it might be worth calling in a professional.

Do your research

If you’re going to do a lot of the work yourself, make sure you know what you’re doing and do your research. It might be how you lay a patio or it might be something simpler like what plans will work well in that shady area.