How to wear: Gladiator sandals

Summer is approaching and that means sandals. Here’s some inspiration for those gladiator sandals we all love so much. If you’re looking for the perfect pair, take a look at my Shoplinkz list for plenty of styles to choose from in all sort of price brackets.

Spring functional

A classic look with only 4 key pieces. Less is more. Let the quality of fit and style features of this outfit speak for themselves – you are the element that brings the look together.

Your hair should be in luxurious, soft waves. In terms of makeup, focus on those brows and add fuchsia lips for a colour clash pop.

Festival alt

Look sharper than the rest of the festival set. This is not for the tent type, though. Gladiator sandals draw the eye so make sure your legs are looking long and bronzed. Keep your hair sleek and  unfussy. Focus all your makeup efforts on your eyes.

Catch the sun while you unearth hidden treasures at that local market you spotted in Nat Geo Traveller. Terracotta glazed shades and Roman sandals make for a blended in style that still, naturally, stands out.

Kid’s bedroom inspiration

We’ve looked at craft rooms, man caves and closets. All amazing spaces for adults to enjoy – with kids if they choose – but here are some spaces that are just for your children.

1This is a really beautiful, bright space that’s full of texture and things to play with. Perfect for a small child. There’s even a comfy place to sit while you read to them.

2If you have a lot of children without too much difference in age, it might be nice to have them all sleeping in the same room together. This would be particularly good for a holiday home. Personalise each space with toys and colors that your kids love.

3This is a really sweet baby’s room that would work well in any home where ballerinas, soft pinks and the shabby chic style are appreciated.

4This would make a great room for siblings or simply a cool room with plenty of space to have friends stay over.

5Another, bright and airy room that’s full of toys and textures. These kinds of rooms are great if you don’t want to go down the pink-for-girls, pale-blue-for-boys route. You can decorate with lots of cute accents and colors that really match your child’s personality.

6This is a great room for kids that love nature. The 3D bird box mural is a wonderful touch along with the mix and match patterns of the bedsheets.

7Finally, a space for kids to play and create. This could be part of a child’s room or in a play area. The bright colors, easily accessible toys and cute wall decorations are all brilliant.


Festival fashion favorites

There are plenty more festivals coming up this year and we thought we’d look at some of the staples of festival fashion. From the wellies to flower crowns. Here’s some inspiration.

Festival faves: Crown

Jess is a blogger, fashion lover and owner of many shoes. She loves to write, take photographs, and shop for stationery.

Bloggers to follow for alternative fashion inspiration


Jenny’s style is a little bit punk and often features band tees, studs and a fair bit of black. She has a great style and even if you don’t consider yourself as ‘alternative’, you could learn a lot from her.

Effie’s Makeup Box

EffiesOnce you get past Effie’s amazing hair, you’ll be in awe of amazing photography, well-put-together outfits and posts that are a little different from the norm.


This is a blog I’ve been following for a long time. Sara’s style is hard to pin down but you’re always going to see something different on her blog. She knows about fashion and trends but she pulls everything off with an edgy flair.


ProtoesqueThis blog is run by Maddy and Mia. I love their style. They cover all sorts of events and stores while showing off their own style. Visit for piercings, eyeliner, red lips and some great accessories.


Naelle’s blog features some truly amazing photography and she has an awesome sense of style. Visit if you love bright colors, dyed hair, piercings and a great eye for

Saturn Satori

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a lifestyle blog but occasionally we get a peak into Violetta’s rock-influenced style.

How to wear: Two-piece sets

These have so many names including: matching sets, two pieces, co-ords. Whatever you call them, you can’t deny the popularity of a matching top and skirt/shorts. Here are some ways in which you can wear this popular trend.

Two-piece: crop
Two-piece: Floral
Two-piece: All white